We engineer trusted devices and networks

The 'Internet of Things' is fundamentally insecure because it uses the internet.  We build Secure Networks of Assets & People ('SNAPs') with trust and security built in as standard, where users can control their identity. 


SNAPs enable people and things to connect, safely and securely, to businesses and service providers.



We are first and foremost engineers


We design, engineer and build things that connect: specialising in hardware and software engineering.


Our experience covers all aspects of device hardware engineering including radio expertise, electronics engineering and developing firmware.


Our software engineers are experts in distributed computing, decentralised technologies (including blockchain), networking and applications.


We work with cutting edge technologies.






You may have noticed but things are getting smarter.  The days when the only thing connected to a network being the telephone are long gone.  


Increasingly every day devices are trying to connect to something: thermostats, clocks, lights, refrigerators, cars, and toys....everything is going online. 


Companies are creating new 'smart' products, connected devices and wearables. Whether we're talking Bluetooth, UWB, LoRA, Wi-Fi, or wired, we understand the details and have the experience to connect these things to your idea. 






Making things work for people

Connecting devices to networks is only part of the story.  To make connected things really useful we need to make devices work for people.


Most implementations of current IoT use established internet frameworks.  This is fundamentally not private.  To make IoT truly work for people the device needs to be contributor to a person's private data space, not an organisations.


Current trends in most IoT companies is to start with industrial equipment and personalise it; versus starting with the person and industrialising it.


As soon as people are factored into the equation security and privacy become paramount.  People interactions need to be designed and thought through at the network level as well as device level.  Getting this wrong can be disastrous for your customers and your business. 






Relationships are NOT based on location

Relationships are not reliant on physical proximity, they are built on common interests and aligned interests. Unexpected location based interactions will likely be treated a nuisance.

Connecting your business to your customers can happen anywhere at anytime where a relationship exists. In our increasingly connected world customers expect a seamless experience which, when coupled with connected devices, will start before you or your staff will even know the experience has started.


These experiences build your brand and generate customer loyalty provided they are trustworthy, genuine, responsive and engaging. Our engineers work with you on a common goal: building connected devices and software experiences that get to the heart of what you're trying to achieve. Your business, your brand, your product, your service.

Current approaches to IoT are generally driven by industrial scale data analytics. This makes them impersonal for people and can expose personal information to unknown parties for unknown purposes.

Our approach is to treat a device as a peripheral in the network. The user must retain control of their data and who has access to it. The advantage for companies is if you make a connection on the network, you are connected to someone not something.



Focused, Driven, Innovative. 

Often, our clients have an idea of what they want but lack the engineering experience to make their vision a reality.   We help our client from prototype through to production, and everything in between. 



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Software Driven Networks